1st Anniversary Wishes

one year down, many more to go

Every anniversary is special, but the first wedding anniversary gift is a big milestone for both partners. The first twelve months in a married couple’s lives are exciting, sizzling and simply heavenly. Wish your favorite couple a happy first anniversary or send romantic first anniversary wishes to your spouse. Take ideas from this post to create your own message to congratulate Happy couple to take the first step towards a lifelong association.

  • One beautiful year you have spent together, 
    and hope in future, 
    many good wishes you gather. 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Wish you a very happy first anniversary, 
    but treating us for the same 
    is also compulsory!!

  • Made your lives one just a year before, 
    and promised to ......
    love each other to the core!!
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Be one all your life, 
    A very happy wedding anniversary 
    to you and your wife!!!

  • It is just the first and 
    a lot more you have to see, 
    here is where........ 
    I wish a very happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Enjoy to the fullest 
    on your first anniversary together, 
    don’t forget to soak yourself
    in the pleasant weather!! 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Wish you two a lovey first year, 
    and hope, for each other 
    you always stay dear!!! 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Flawless one year....
    hope you have spent, 
    to celebrate, use the flowers
    of various scent!! 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Her smile defines you 
    and your smile defines her, 
    and happily, 
    you have completed a year!! 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Always stand by each other’s side, 
    no matter how harsh is the tide!!!
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • One year of incredible love, 
    may this stay for years to come!!! 
    Happy first wedding anniversary!!!

  • 1 year of oneness you both have shared, 
    And I pray that for 
    one another you always care!! 
    Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

  • Not just love but also friendship 
    you have shared this year, 
    may this grow every day and every moment!! 
    Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  • Sending you my warm hugs 
    and tons of love on the 1st anniversary. 
    May God always bless you.

  • Happy 1st anniversary. 
    May God bless us together, dear beloved. 
    I love you so much.

  • May your dreams come true –
    today, tomorrow, and always. 
    Happy first wedding anniversary.

  • Completing a year full of love and happiness 
    makes me hopeful for our future. 
    Happy 1st Anniversary Love.

  • Happy first anniversary to my favorite couple.
    Congratulations on another year
    spent with love and laughter!

  • Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple. 
    May the fragrance of your love remain forever!

  • Happy 1st Anniversary! 
    May our trust and love keep growing
    with the passing of each year 
    in both good times and bad!

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