Birthday Wishes for Sister

If you love your sister more than anything in the world, looking love the assortment of happy birthday wishes here. Sisters can be your closest friend, secret keeper, and most annoying one – all wrapped up in that one person who understands you better than anyone else and the one who is more than a best friend. Send birthday greetings to your sister on her special day to show her how much she means to you and how wonderful she is, to share love and care especially on her birthday, we have prepared a list of top quotes and messages to wish you on her birthday.

  • When I meet you, I become a little you 
    and you become a little me. 
    Happy Birthday my cutie, sis!

  • Every time I was in trouble or I needed 
    someone to talk you were always 
    there for me sister and I wish you 
    always be here. Happiest birthday, 
    loads of love!

  • something's are always special like 
    the day you were born and that is 
    as lucky for me as you are sister. 
    Wishing you a very happy birthday 
    and tons of happiness!

  • Wishing you a very happy birthday 
    dearest sister, may you always 
    shine bright like a diamond 
    and make us proud! Love you.

  • To the good old days when 
    we were small and use to fight, 
    I still remember your 
    weeping eyes (kidding). 
    Happy birthday to my grown-up girl, 
    love you sister!

  • Today is the best day of my life, 
    finally I got the partner to celebrate 
    my sorrow and joy. 
    Happy birthday sister, love you!

  • by loved ones. 
    Happy Birthday!

  • Sis, you are the heart and 
    soul of our family. May you 
    always be happy. Wishing you 
    a very Happy Birthday.

  • Dear sister, you the most precious gift 
    in my life. May you always be Happy. 
    Wishing you a very happy birthday

  • May you get success in whatever 
    you do in life. Happy birthday, 
    dear sister!

  • Every time I look back for support, 
    I find your hand on my shoulder 
    motivating me. Happy Birthday 
    to my dear sister!

  • Let’s party hard and make the world 
    hear it loud and clear, when two sisters 
    celebrate birthday party, it becomes 
    the talk of town. 
    Happy Birthday sister!

  • You and I are made for each other. 
    No one can understand us better than us, 
    even your husband and my wife. 
    Happy Birthday my dearest sister!

  • Dear sister, I want you for a day 
    at my home with my parents to 
    celebrate your birthday. 
    Pls don’t say No. 
    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear sister! 
    You are my inspiration and 
    will be so all through my life.

  • I want to say thank you to 
    my sweet sister, for being 
    the most loving and 
    caring sister in this world.

  • You are very special in my life, 
    not only for being my sister, 
    but also for being one of my 
    best friends. 
    Happy Birthday Sister!

  • You are the only one in this entire 
    world and I could not find another 
    sister like you anywhere. 
    Happy Birthday Sister!

  • I am sending this message to 
    wish my sister, a Happy Birthday 
    from across the coast. 
    Happy Birthday Lovely Sister!

  • May you be overwhelmed with hugs 
    and smiles on your special day. 
    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

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