Chocolate Day Wishes

Chocolate Day which comes every year on February 9 is the third day of Valentine’s week. Chocolate day is one of the sweetest days in valentine’s week. This day is all about sharing chocolate with people you love. The day comes just after propose day.  So, if you have proposed someone then it is time to present him/her with a wonderful gift sending a chocolate day message to your favorite person with some sweetest bar of chocolate that can make this day a perfect one. Wrap some chocolate and leave a funny chocolate quote for them with your love and care. Make this chocolate day a little sweeter. Check out our compilation of happy chocolate day wishes and messages below!

  • As you are sweeter than the chocolates 
    so I just love sharing them with you. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Logically speaking, 
    chocolate really is the world's perfect food.
    Happy Chocolate Day

  • Anything is perfect if 
    chocolate is a part of it. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Chocolate is the classic luxury. 
    It speaks of deliciousness in the moment, 
    childhood memories, and that happy emotion of 
    getting a prize for good behavior.
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • When it comes to chocolate, 
    resistance is worthless.
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • If there are no chocolates in Heaven, 
    I'm not going.
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Let's make a solemn promise of 
    not to use brains 
    where chocolates are concerned. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • You are like a chocolate, 
    the longer you eat, 
    the sweeter it gets. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • On this World Chocolate Day, 
    I wish that you have an unlimited supply 
    of chocolates from your loved 
    ones to make it a happy occasion for you.

  • I wish that each day of your life 
    remains sweet just like your favorite chocolate…
    Lots of love and happiness on Chocolate Day!

  • The celebration of Chocolate Day is 
    incomplete without chocolates, 
    just like my life without your true love. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Love is like drinking hot chocolate. 
    It tastes amazing and keeps you 
    warm in the years to come. 
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Its Chocolate Day. And 
    I am looking forward to get 
    drenched in your sweet 
    and passionate love. 
    Happy Chocolate Day, Love!

  • Only chocolates have the power 
    to match your sweetness…
    Sending best wishes on 
    Chocolate Day to you my love!

  • Chocolate is a true friend, 
    a trusted confidant, and faithful lover.
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • You hold a special place in 
    my life just like a chocolate
    Creating magic all around with your love.
    I love you immensely in the world.
    Happy Chocolate Day

  • On this special day, I love to share
    this chocolate with a person 
    who transformed my life
    and make me fall deeper in your love every day.
    Happy Chocolate Day, My Love!

  • Our love is like a glass full of chocolate
    which is sweet, intense, & impactful.
    I love you dear.
    Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Let's celebrate our love with 
    these delicious chocolates. 
    After, khushi ke mauke par kuch 
    mitha to banta hai! 
    Happy Chocolate Day, baby!

  • My sweet Valentine,
    You are a chocolate so you are sweetest,
    You are a star so you are brightest,
    You are a lovely girl so you are my dearest.
    Happy chocolate day!

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