Hug Day Wishes

Hug Day, which is the sixth day of Valentine’s week, is celebrated every year on 12 February. On this day, the couple and friends hug each other and show love and affection for each other. A tight loving hug or good wishes and messages for those who are away can make your Hug Day perfect. This is actually the easiest and best way to express love. Therefore, embrace the person you love and express your love wonderfully.

  • There is always a shoulder for me to lean,
    Where you are!
    A hug that can fill me with love is always there,
    Where you are!
    Everything I can dream of is there,
    Where you are!
    Happy Hug Day darling!

  • A hug might be a simple gesture, 
    but it feels amazing when 
    it's you hugging me. 
    Happy Hug Day, darling hubby!

  • Getting married to you is the 
    best ever thing that has happened 
    to me because now I can hug you 
    whenever I want as you are all mine…. 
    Happy Hug Day, wifey!

  • Hugging you is the best way to 
    tell you my love, baby. You have 
    always been an artist who has 
    painted my life with happiness. 
    Love you a lot and have the 
    warmest Hug Day in my arms.

  • Dearest wife, you are my cutest 
    huggable partner for life…. 
    Make sure you hug me every 
    morning and night and fill my 
    life with love and warmth. 
    Happy Hug Day!

  • May the warmth of your hugs 
    always fill me with the energy to 
    keep going on in life without breaking...! 
    Wishing a very Happy Hug Day to 
    the most loving wife in the world!

  • Hug me when I am there,
    Miss me when I am not
    Happy Hug Day, love!

  • I want to hug you
    Day or night
    Today or tomorrow doesn't matter
    Just say, you are mine
    And, you will always be
    Happy Hug Day!!

  • This Hug Day, I just want to 
    present you a hug that will 
    vanish all your tensions and 
    will fill your heart with joy 
    and happiness. 
    Happy Hug day, love!

  • May you always be there by 
    my side keeping your arms 
    around so that I can live my 
    life happily and peacefully! 
    Happy Hug Day, love!

  • I cannot wrap my love for 
    you in a box, but I can warp 
    you in my arms to let you 
    know that how much I love you. 
    Happy Hug Day, sweetheart!

  • It's sweet
    It's warm
    It's here
    A warm hug with the ocean 
    of love and care
    Only for you, love
    Happy Hug Day!

  • Sometimes, words are not 
    enough to express love. 
    So, it's better to put your 
    love into hugs. That is why, 
    I am sending you hugs to 
    wish you a very happy and 
    special Hug Day!

  • I wish every morning I could 
    borrow you from the world and 
    lock you in my arms to tell you 
    hat you mean to me gorgeous…. 
    Happy Hug Day!

  • I wish I could make each 
    and every day a special 
    one for you by gifting you lots 
    and lots of hugs and kisses each day…. 
    Best wishes on Hug Day, darling.

  • A warm hug is the expression of love, 
    affection and care you have 
    for the person….. Wishing a very 
    Happy Hug Day to my sweetheart!

  • The best ever way in which 
    I can express my love to you 
    is by giving you a tight hug 
    so that you can listen to my heartbeat…. 
    Happy Hug Day my love.

  • No matter how good 
    or bad my day is, 
    but I will always need 
    your hugs to complete it….. 
    With lots of love, 
    Happy Hug Day, darling!

  • This Hug Day let us bring some peace 
    in our lives by hugging each other 
    and feelings each other's heart beating. 
    Happiest and the warmest wishes of Hug Day!

  • I don't need the whole world 
    to love me. I just need you 
    and only you to hold me in your arms. 
    Love you so much, sweetheart 
    and have the cosiest Hug Day!

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