Rose Day Wishes

Every day is a day of love, celebration and joy for the people who are in love. Though, special dates are celebrated to make the love and loving moment memorable and special. It is on this day when people start celebrating the week of love. Rose Day falls on February 7 every year. On this day, people exchange roses of various colors. People wish their loved with roses and confess their feelings which they have for each other. We are here to help you with lovely, romantic, heart touching rose day wishes and messages that will explain all the feelings of you that you couldn’t ever tell him/her face to face.

  • You are the most precious 
    gem in my life. Happy Rose Day!

  • No matter which day comes 
    our love for each other will 
    remain the same forever. 
    Happy rose day my darling!

  • Our relationship is just like 
    these beautiful roses, full of fragrance, 
    tenderness, love, and life.

  • I love you my life. I present 
    to you my intense love and 
    affection that makes my world complete

  • I feel happy every moment 
    since you entered my life. 
    Sending this bouquet of red roses to say
    Happy Rose Day

  • Just like a rose bloom in thorns, 
    you are the most precious person 
    who taught me to stand tall like a 
    rose among thorns of life. 
    Happy Rose Day!

  • When I have you by my side, 
    I do not care about the world. 
    Happy Rose Day to the love of my life!

  • Wishing you a very happy, 
    lovely, cheerful, and colorful rose day!

  • Sending you a bunch of handpicked 
    roses on this day to express my love 
    for you which is eternal. 
    Happy Rose Day!

  • This red rose symbolizes my deep 
    love and affection for you, 
    Happy Rose Day!

  • On this Rose Day all I am 
    asking from you in return is 
    a promise to smile forever, 
    no matter what the circumstances 
    will be. Happy Rose Day!

  • Happy rose day to someone 
    whose heart is as beautiful as her!

  • Red is for power, Red is for passion 
    and Red roses are for my beloved, 
    Happy Rose Day Darling!

  • Can you imagine the world without roses? 
    It won't be the same because an important 
    part of its beauty will be lacking. 
    That is what my life would be without you.

  • May the love always triumph 
    in the face of obstacles. May it 
    outshine any ugliness that might 
    arise, just like a single red rose 
    amidst a field of thorns

  • A single rose can be my 
    garden and a single friend, 
    my world

  • Anybody can love a rose, 
    but no one can love a leaf 
    that is near to the rose, 
    don't love someone who is 
    beautiful but love one who 
    makes your life beautiful.

  • I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, 
    and then I looked at you, and 
    I kept looking at you, for the rose 
    isn't as beautiful as you.

  • Wonderful combinations in this world: 
    Heart & Beats, Night & Moon, 
    Music & Songs, Roses & Love, 
    Fish & water, my message & Your SMILE!

  • When love first came to Earth, 
    the spring spread rose-beds to receive him.

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